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Fabrication 15: Amplification Boston Musica Viva
this ever-surprising piece . . .
Boston Classical Review
a riot of clockworks in and out of sync with each other . . .
Vores has a knack for music that feels determined without
feeling deterministic


No Exit
Florida Grand Opera, Miami
. . . its ingenious and acrobatic score
Florida Theater On Stage
. . . intense and riveting
South Florida Classical Review

No Exit • Guerilla Opera Boston
Vores’s seductive and scary score is a wonder of musical
invention. No Exit has already expanded its horizons to Chicago.
It’s one of our most compelling contemporary operas and
deserves more—and more frequent—revivals.
New York Arts

Three String Quartets
Original Gravity concert series
February 2017

new commission
Symphony Nova
April 2017

New England Philharmonic
October 29, 2016
Tsai Performance Center

Spencer the Rover

Chorus pro Musica
March 12, 2016
Sanders Theater

Fabrication 15:

Tanglewood Festival of Contemporary Music
July 25, 2015
Ozawa Hall

for violin and orchestra

Danielle Maddon
New England Philharmonic
May 2, 2015
Tsai Performance Center

Fabrication 20:

Sharan Leventhal
and David Rubin
February 5, 2015
The Boston Conservatory

Superior String Alliance
June 18, 19, 20,
July 1, 2015
Upper Penisula tour

Grand Monadnock Measures
The Boston Conservatory
Wind Ensemble
March 27, 2015
Sanders Theater