just released


 Welcome to my much
 expanded website,
 now including almost all
 of my scores as pdf files,
 many added recordings,
 including some ancient,
 pre-digital pieces, and
 everything organized
 more clearly and simply.

 Lots of updates to come
 as this becomes an
 archive as well as a
 working site.

 Blog to be added, if I can
 get my opinionated self  
 into the habit of blogging

 long bio, short bio

 work details, program notes,
 scores, recordings, reviews,

 quotes and a few articles

 where to buy instrumental
 parts, complete scores,
 and recordings

 listen to excerpts from works
 by recent students

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 Guerilla Opera, Boston,
 September  2013
   The Boston Globe
   The Boston Musical Intelligencer
   Boston Classical Review

   New York Arts
   The Hub Review


 David Kravitz and the Arneis Quartet
 Boston, December 2013
 Swarthmore College, March 2014

 Boston Musica Viva
 November 2013
   Boston Classical Review
   The Boston Globe
  The Boston Musical Intelligencer


 Michael Norsworthy, Phillip Staudlin,
 Yoko Hagino,
 Alianna de la Guardia, Tae Kim,
 The Boston Conservatory
 January 2014

 Florida Grand Opera
 Miami, February 2014

 Floristan Recital Project
 St. Paul, May 2014

Fabrication 11 Goback Goback 
Fabrication 13 

BMOP / BMOPSound  


Near and Far  
with works for solo cello by  
Yu-Hui Chang, Marti Epstein,  
Howard Frazin, Laura Kaminsky, 
John Kennedy, Jefrey Mumford,  
David Rakowski, Jan Swafford,  
and Dalit Hadass Warshaw  
Rhonda Rider / MSR Classical 

recently released